TMG Health Views Bright Future from New Office In Jessup, PA

TMG Health, Jessup, PA - New office and call center
TMG Health, Jessup, PA – New office and call center

TMG Health selected the team of VerusPartners and Blue Rock Construction to develop its 150,000-square-foot office and call center located in the Valley View Business Park in Jessup, Pa.

TMG Health, Jessup, PA - New office and call center
TMG Health, Jessup, PA, two-story lobby

The collective vision was to develop a building that was inviting, comfortable and attractive for TMG’s projected 1,000 employees. The project took full advantage of the site’s elevation that overlooks a beautiful mountain reservoir and the valley below.

TMG HealthTMG Health is the primary national provider for processing Medicare, Medicaid and Blue Cross/Blue Shield health-plan claims. Since TMG works with confidential medical records covered by the Health Insurance Portable and Accountability Act’s privacy code, employees and visitors are required to check-in through the secured lobby prior to entering the second and third floors.

The building’s first floor, which is dedicated to support services, includes a full-service kitchen, training rooms, data center, mail room and a spacious two-story lobby.

Dual Roles

Blue Rock served two roles for the completed development of the TMG Health project. First, as the design/builder of the core and shell for VerusPartners, and also as construction manager for TMG’s tenant fit-up.

With VerusPartners, a property development company based in Chicago, Blue Rock’s architectural design firm, Environetics, created a contemporary core-and-shell design that would effectively house TMG’s functional requirements.

The Palumbo Group, an interior design firm in Scranton, Pa., designed the building’s interior elements to be environmentally sensitive with natural materials that bring warmth to the space.

TMG Health, Jessup, PA - New office and call center
TMG Health, Jessup, PA – full-service cafeteria

The Personnel

TMG President Jack Tighe assigned four TMG employees to monitor construction progress. Tighe was a constant behind-the-scenes inspiration and is very pleased with the finished product.

“We had an aggressive schedule and felt that Blue Rock Construction did a great job”, said Tighe.

Jim Whitehead, Blue Rock Construction’s project manager, had the challenging responsibility of working with two design teams to create an integrated product. Whitehead also coordinated the transition of core and shell to tenant fit-up with both owners, VerusPartners and TMG Health, to ensure all requirements were satisfied as the building progressed.

On The Site

The site was delivered pad-ready by SLIBCO prior to the start of construction. Since the site is long, narrow and situated on the ridge of a hill, many elements had to be dealt with including high winds, freezing temperatures and rock.

A rock crusher was set up on site to pulverize stone to be used where needed. Once the rock was removed and the area flattened, placement was determined for the building to receive the most sunlight and provide the shortest walk from the parking lots for employees.

The construction phase started just before the winter months and was limited to nine months to meet TMG’s aggressive move-in schedule.

Architectural metal panels were used to speed the building enclosure during the coldest months of the year.

TMG Health, Jessup, PA - New office and call center
TMG Health in Jessup, PA

Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program

Pennsylvania’s Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program is a state grant program for acquiring and constructing regional economic, cultural, civic and historical improvement projects with rigorous protocols for project management.

From the beginning of the project, RACP was involved with TMG, the Borough of Jessup and Blue Rock Construction.

Blue Rock Construction adhered to the strict requirements of the Pennsylvania RACP grant program that enabled available funding to complete the project on time.


Blue Rock puts Berks Park 78 “on the map”

Berks Park 78 will add 1,000+ jobs to Berks County, Pa., with the help of Blue Rock Construction’s design-build expertise.

The park is a 323-acre, fully approved and entitled project, located with high visibility just off Interstate 78 Exit 13 in Bethel, Pa. The property was assembled by the Berks County Industrial Development Authority (BCIDA).

Blue Rock Construction, Inc. was awarded the contract to provide design-build construction management services for the design and development of the park.

Blue Rock managed the design and construction of all elements for Berks Park 78 and increased the park’s buildable square footage by creating functional designs attractive to end users.

“Without Blue Rock, Berks Park 78 would not have achieved the success that it has,” said Thomas C. McKeon, executive director for Berks County Industrial Development Authority. “They provided more than just excellent construction management services. Their trusted advice and expertise has guided our decisions, made our site more attractive to users, reduced costs, accelerated permitting, expanded our relationships and added to our credibility in the development community.”

Working Together

“We hired Blue Rock approximately 2 1/2 years ago,” said McKeon. “They have provided excellent construction management services such as document review, scheduling, drawing revisions, estimating, construction monitoring and public bid processes”

Notable Blue Rock contributions cited by McKeon include:

  • Increased the square footage yield of the park by helping redesign our plans.
  • Made suggestions that reduced future site costs and helped accelerate permitting.
  • Provided accurate cost estimates for infrastructure improvements that greatly helped financing.
  • Advocated for starting the infrastructure that was a difference maker in marketing the site.
  • Provided credibility to the BCIDA vision and built confidence in our prospects.
  • Predicted building layouts that turned out to closely match our future prospects’ requirements.
  • Successfully managed our civil and environmental engineering services.
  • Assisted in the receipt of $3 million in grant funds from the Pennsylvania Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program.

Berks Park site planSuccess!

Through the strong partnerships of BCIDA, Blue Rock Construction and Cushman & Wakefield, both PetSmart and Dollar General secured lots in Berks Park 78.

“We could not have asked for stronger or more prominent companies to anchor our park,” said McKeon.

“The Dollar General and PetSmart commitments have proven that we are one of the best logistics locations in the Mid-Atlantic states. These sales have put our property on the map.”

Two additional land parcels, which can accommodate 750,000 and 180,000 square feet, remain available at Berks Park 78 for build-to-suit sale/lease, individual sale or as a package. With potential buyers lining up, we are confident that future tenants will be taking advantage of the amenities of Berks Park 78.