Sekisui’s renovated remote office featuring SageGlass (above) and before construction (below)

Blue Rock completed renovations to Sekisui’s 340,000-square-foot warehouse with some dramatic results.

Eight months after construction started, the Bloomsburg, PA facility now includes a new four-level, 72-foot Blend Tower. Sekisui, a worldwide manufacturer of polymer plastics, will use the 4,800-square-foot tower to manufacture products.

The Blend Tower also includes two large roof hatches to allow a crane to remove or add equipment when needed.

Along with the tower, the Sekisui project included interior and facade renovations:

  • A new 10,000-square-foot AppLab, which is a process area to turn raw product into prototype applications, features an interior mezzanine for office space, plus a workshop area
  • A 4,600-square-foot facade upgrade featuring SageGlass and insulated metal panels to its remote office
  • Full remodel of existing finishes and fixtures in the locker room

Blue Rock will partner with Sekisui again in the near future. Phase 2 designs get underway in February and will include a Design Lab that will mirror the AppLab. Also, renovations will include a full remodel of the existing café and a large open office area three times the size of the remote office.