Historical Renovation Description

This historical preservation of a former Masonic Temple in Woodbury, NJ, included a 1,500-square-foot addition and 15,500 square feet of interior office renovations.  The project contained historical components that were required to be maintained through the city’s historical commission.  An accelerated schedule and high-end finishes highlighted this successful renovation project.

Excess ReinsuranceBlue Rock Construction worked closely with the client to develop real-time solutions to obstacles presented during this renovation. This former Masonic Temple, which was built in 1926, was selectively demolished down to the interior framing and rebuilt using high-end finishes.  Original heart-pine flooring was refurbished into pristine condition while the sleek, frameless glass vision panels highlighted a unique blend of old versus new in the finishing of this wonderful space.

“Throughout this project, I had one recurring thought: Thank goodness we hired Blue Rock,” said Brian P Zidek, President of Excess Reinsurance. “Inevitably, issues arose during the project. Sometimes we would discover that there was an unforeseen issue that was apparent only when the ceiling was opened and the existing roof supports were revealed. At other times, problems with the architectural or engineering plans were discovered when it came time to install certain features. Blue Rock consistently dealt with these issues with professionalism and patience.

“In each instance, they would clearly explain the issue, offer potential solutions and provide expert advice. Blue Rock was also always considerate of our budgetary constraints and our need to have the project completed in a timely manner.”