Project Description

When Pratt & Whitney needed to double the size of their existing manufacturing facility in Middletown, PA, they turned to Blue Rock Construction and our design partners Greenman-Pederson, Inc,. and Margulies Hoelzli Architecture, PLLC to execute a fast-track, design-build, LEED-certified facility.

Pratt WhitneyLEED Platinum Target – At 75% completion of the design phase, Pratt & Whitney made a request to incorporate LEED certification as a project deliverable. Blue Rock and our design team worked hand in hand with the P&W team to not only meet the goal of LEED certification, but far surpass any expectations with a certification target of LEED Gold. Currently this project is in for review with GBCI and anticipated certification level is LEED Platinum. If successful, this facility will be the first LEED Platinum manufacturing facility in Pennsylvania.

Safety – As an OSHA VPP star site, Pratt & Whitney focused on safety and made it a priority above all else. Through a collaborative effort and Blue Rock’s commitment to safety, the project proceeded in an efficient manner, was turned over early, and experienced zero lost-time incidents. All subcontractors went through an extensive pre-qualification process to work on the project. Individual employee background checks and site-specific training were also required. Blue Rock and its site staff led the charge by implementing a site-specific safety plan, conducted daily safety inspections, and oversaw the preparation and review of task specific Job-site Safety Assessments (JSA) throughout the duration of the project.