Blue Rock delivered a complete renovation and restoration of the historic 1924 Bedford Mansion and the circa 1920 Westport Firehouse for URBN at Bedford Square in Westport, CT.

The three-story Bedford Mansion, formerly home to the Westport Family YMCA, was converted to an Anthropologie retail store.

Project highlights for Anthropologie include:

  • Installing the grand staircase from the basement to the second floor presented a challenge due to the existing steel conditions, which were out of level. Because of an aggressive schedule, Blue Rock ordered the glazing package from the steel shop drawings in lieu of field verifications. Another challenge was the installation of the concrete treads, which needed to be a random pattern, drilled and epoxy in place.
  • The first-floor gym was grinded to expose the existing stone

The firehouse is now home to Amis Trattoria, a Philadelphia-based restaurant group owned by URBN. Project highlights for Amis include:

  • Major coordination with the mechanical, plumbing, ductwork, fire protection and electrical.
  • The challenge of existing landlord installed equipment that was not in the same locations as shown in the drawings.
  • Blue Rock installed a really nice feature, a German Nanawall System, which are windows that bi-fold on a sliding track.

Blue Rock didn’t perform the exterior building work, but did install nice landscaping beds with steel plates to retain the mulch bed.

At the two locations, the concrete railings didn’t meet code-height requirement so the grades were raised to allow a fall of less than 30”. This was allowed since both are historical buildings.

Bedford Square is an iconic mixed-use development – a retail, dining and residential destination that will further elevate the exposure and draw of downtown Westport, CT.

Amis Back of Bar at Bedford Square, Westport, CT

Amis Kitchen at Bedford Square, Westport, CT

Amis Entrance at Bedford Square, Westport, CT