Blue Rock constructed Urban Outfitters’ largest facility in the United States, an 880,000-square-foot distribution center in Kansas City, Kan.

The tilt-up construction building is 70-foot tall, and when you include multiple mezzanines, the building’s floor area expands to 1.5 million square feet.

The building was constructed on an 85-acre tract previously owned by the Kansas Speedway/NASCAR and features 60,000 square feet of office space.

Here are a few amazing facts by the numbers:

  • 45 miles of sprinkler pipe, roughly the length of Rhode Island north to south
  • 600,000 pounds of copper wire, which is 300 tons or the weight of a loaded Boeing 747
  • 425 miles of wire (2,248,278 feet); the State of Kansas is 410 miles in length
  • 77,000 square yards of asphalt, an area in excess of 15 football fields
  • 5,400 concrete truck deliveries
  • 20,000 fire sprinkler heads in the building envelope
  • The tallest building tilt panel is 73 feet
  • 1-mile loop around the building

There was a total of 3,898,103 pounds of reinforcing steel used in the foundations, vertical panels, slabs, and deck.

  • If an equivalent amount of steel was rolled into the 16-gauge tie wire, it would create a wire that is 1,097 miles long. If you started unrolling it at Urban’s home office on Broad Street in Philadelphia, it would reach Kansas City.
  • If you used the same amount of steel to make a full-size F-150 pickup truck, you could park one end to end to create a line of trucks approximately 3.25 miles long.
  • If you tried to fit them all on the racetrack at the Kansas Speedway, you would circle the track 2.18 times