Urban Outfitters Continuing Naval Yard Expansion

Urban Outfitters

In support of Urban Outfitters planned Urban Outfitters Headquartersexpansion and initiative to hire 1,000 employees as part of its headquarters at the Philadelphia Navy Yard, Blue Rock Construction is pleased to announce the completion of Building 14, located on Kitty Hawk Avenue in the Philadelphia Naval Yard. URBN has relocated their IT and transportation departments into Building 14 which previously housed the “Angle Smithery,” a torpedo repair shop for destroyers and submarines.

URBN is continuing their new expansion plan with additional buildings currently under renovation, including
Building 3 (Old Philadelphia Cruise Terminal Building) and Building 18.

  • The Building 14 project cost was below URBN’s budget.
  • The project was completed approximately one month Urban Building 14ahead of schedule.
  • URBN’s IT & transportation departments were able to move seamlessly from Building 543 to Building 14.
  • Blue Rock Construction, Inc. worked diligently with the Navy (neighbor to Building 14) to complete the removal and tie-ins of the exterior utilities located on the Navy’s property.
  • URBN and Blue Rock Construction, Inc. were awarded the prestigious Grand Jury Award from The Preservation Alliance of Philadelphia for this historic renovation.

“Urban Outfitters continually places their trust in Blue Rock, and Blue Rock responds by listening to our needs while paying attention to all the details and nuances reflected by Urban Outfitters,” said Dave Ziel, URBAN Chief Development Officer. “Blue Rock goes the extra mile to ensure that the project represents the vision that Urban Outfitters conceptualized. It is in that spirit of teamwork and achievement that Blue Rock continues to be our builder of choice.”

Urban Building 14

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